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Soal Olimpiade Fisika Smp Dan Pembahasan Primagama




sih dan mahasiswa lainnya kenapa gitu Hi you, I would be grateful if you can reply to my request. I am writing to ask you to examine the reason and/or motivation for the organizers to boycott the 2019 PSS-SMF Physics Summer School and Primagama on the basis of religion, as the event is being sponsored by the Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia. I understand that since early January 2019, the PSS-SMF Physics Summer School and Primagama has been cancelled due to the political protest and social unrest in Malaysia. In particular, I have found that it is because of the following facts: 1. In a Facebook post made on 22 January 2019, the Organising Committee stated that the cancellation of the Primagama because of the political protest (see link below), which will result in the loss of RM 8 million. 2. On 6 February 2019, the Organising Committee stated in a news conference that the Political Protest, as it had become “destabilising to social harmony and (would) be a destabilizing factor to the country’s economic development”. 3. On 17 February 2019, the Prime Minister announced that the 2018 PSS-SMF Physics Summer School and Primagama would be postponed due to the political unrest. 4. On 20 February 2019, the Director of Institute of Physics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia announced that the Primagama will be rescheduled by the end of March 2019. 5. The same day, the University of Liverpool, UK and the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNIZA) of Malaysia, have withdrawn their respective invitations to the Primagama. I am deeply saddened by the situation in Malaysia and I believe that this is an opportunity to show our unity with the Malaysian people in their struggle for freedom. The decision of the organisers to boycott the Primagama is the result of the political issue (issues of corruption, racial tension, violence and the loss of life) in the country. I would like to make it clear that none of these facts has anything to do with science. Science is the process of conducting observations to derive conclusions from those observations and assumptions that have a basis in experience. Therefore, I believe that the boycott of the Primagama is a manifestation of a lack of scientific integrity and professionalism




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Soal Olimpiade Fisika Smp Dan Pembahasan Primagama

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